miércoles, marzo 02, 2011

A heart shaped box

I am going to share a little secret with you.I want to introduce you to my super duper cool heart shaped box. Kids love my box. Well, ok, sometimes they think: Here she comes again with her funny box. It is full of surprises. You can find real chocolate gold coins worth "100 besos" -one hundred kisses-, finger puppets to act out little plays, soap bubbles,an hour glass to play time flies, candles to blow during birhtdays, dice to play table games, stress balls to squeeze, throw and catch, all sort of things.You can also make wishes and toss them in the box. You can be sure I won´t tell anybody. It will be our own special treat. You can dream, and play, and write poetry and draw poetry. Be free. You can laugh till you cry.And cry till you laugh. You can let yourself be surprised. Come on. Make a wish or two. Think for example what you would like to learn this year, what new things or whole new worlds you would like to explore, to find out. Write it on a slip of paper, it is not necesary to sign it, I won´t know it is you. Now drop it gently in the heart shaped box. And let us fly together and float lightly like a soap bubble or a random feather.


                                                                     finger puppets

                                                                 real chocolate gold coins


stress ball and dice

                                ¿How many words can you think of?

Anne Murphy Littlestone

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